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Eternally Yours

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Eternally Yours

Publication date 1939
Topics romance, comedy, drama
Publisher United Artists
When a magician's act takes precedent over his marriage, his wife gives him trouble. Stars Loretta Young and David Niven.
Originally uploaded by kotic

There is some cool footage of the Trylon and Perisphere from the 1939-1940 worlds fair.


Reviewer: WINSTON SMITH3353 - - June 5, 2013
Subject: Film Info

Loretta Young as Anita Halstead
David Niven as Tony, "The Great Arturo"
Hugh Herbert as Benton
Billie Burke as Aunt Abby
C. Aubrey Smith as Gramps, aka Bishop Peabody
Raymond Walburn as Mr. Harley Bingham
Zasu Pitts as Mrs. Cary Bingham
Broderick Crawford as Don Burns
Virginia Field as Lola De Vere
Eve Arden as Gloria, a friend of Anita's
Ralph Graves as Mr. Morrisey
Lionel Pape as Mr. Howard
Fred Keating as Master of Ceremonies

Other films on IA with David Niven as of this date:
There Goes The Bride (David Niven's film debut), 1932
The First of the Few aka Spitfire (Leslie Howard's last film), 1942
The Way Ahead aka The Immortal Battalion, 1944
The Lady Says No, 1952
Reviewer: tribtower - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 24, 2013
Subject: freelance city sold 'em by the pound
This is a United Artists release produced by
Walter Wanger. These were independent films
released thru U/A. People like Loretta Young
were powerful and had negotiated the ability
to pick her own projects inbetween her 20th
Century Fox contract roles. She was a top
star at FOX in the late 30's and all of the 40's.
This film was sold to and outfit called Motion
pictures for TV in the late 50's most of the
players were still active but no residuals
had been negotiated. Interestingly enough TV
was introduced at the NY worlds how could agents
overlook what right around the corner? There was
another outfit called th C&C Movie time USA that
bought A pictures to run on the LATE SHOW usually
the closing program before the station closed down
for the night. They often ruthlessly cut to fit into a 1-hour time slot. All-night programming did'nt appear until the mid 60's. These usually
high-class films were sold very cheap. The station
received a 3rd -rate 16mm print like this one. Of
course the film was beautifull photographed and lit. Many people form their opinions of older
films by seeing HOLLYWOODS BEST TECHNOLOGY reduced
to a shameful condition like this. Don't know
if this is on DVD or even VHS you'll appreciate
which fine film this is.
Reviewer: Moongleam - - May 3, 2013
Subject: Public domain
It's "marked as public domain here" because it is in the public domain.

Every U.S. film that was released before 1964 and that did not have its copyright renewed after 28 years lost its copyright status. I can find no renewal for this movie.

If you think you can find one, start your search here:

Another fact that tends to prove that this film is p.d. is that it is sold by Alpha Video.

A U.S. movie that is carried by this label and that was released before 1964 is almost certainly p.d.

I think that one who asserts that a pre-1964 U.S. film is protected by copyright should show the copyright renewal.
Reviewer: Rockandegg - - May 3, 2013
Subject: Copyright warning
Be warned. It may be marked as "Public Domain" here but uploading it to YouTube will get you a copyright strike. The copyright claim is by Optimum Releasing.
Reviewer: Kodachrome - favoritefavoritefavorite - October 3, 2012
Subject: Takes its time to develop
The humor in this comedy takes its time to set up for the "funny bits" to follow.

The hypnosis scene was well done for the time. Zasu Pitts was great there. The pace of the humor quickens after that and builds until the Bishop threatens to spank the pretty young woman.

In addition to performances by David Niven and Loretta Young, we see C. Aubrey Smith, Eve Arden, Zasu Pitts, and Billie Burke, who played Glinda, the good witch in the Wizard of Oz. Playing the second husband is Broderick Crawford. You do have feel for that poor fellow.

Favorite line: “Take him away. He’s a communist.”

Well made with great performances.
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